Alternative Treatments For Epilepsy

Epilepsy causes seizures. Patients may have a seizure many times per day, or they may have a form of epilepsy that only gives them seizures once per year. Doctors using mainstream medical treatments prescribe anti-seizure medications. However, there are some great alternative therapies out there that many are claiming work even better. Here are a few of the alternative therapies for epilepsy.

Cannabidiol Oil

Although controversial, many parents are finding great relief by using Cannabidiol oil on their children. Just a few drops in the mouth per day appears to be reducing or eliminating seizures in their children. Cannabidiol oil works with the body’s natural Cannabidiol receptors to reduce and eliminate seizures. Although more research is still needed, it appears to be a very promising alternative therapy for epilepsy.


Using biofeedback, older patients are taught how to manipulate their body to lower their stress levels and their blood pressure. By learning how to properly relax and calm the mind and body, these patients are finding that they have fewer seizures per day. In some cases, they’re able to completely eliminate their seizures. It appears that when the patient learns to relax the seizures are far reduced.


Modern medical therapies have side effects. One of these side effects appears to be that they leach important vitamins out of the body. These vitamins such as Folic Acid and Vitamin D tend to put the patient at other risks. When patients begin to take daily vitamins and increase their intake of Vitamin D and Folic Acid, they tend to have fewer seizures. Whether it’s a result of the improved diet, or dealing with the side effects is yet unknown, clearly, more research is required before the true facts are in. However, taking a daily multi-vitamin certainly can’t hurt anyone. Recent research also shows that cbd vape oil could be potentially effective in treating epilepsy. Alternative therapies for epilepsy will go far to help treat patients with the condition.